Coat of Arms
Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky
of Vernadsky CFU


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The Attributes

Official Description of the Emblem:

The emblem is a pentagonal escutcheon in the form of an opened book of blue colour with golden edging and a golden burning torch entwined by two golden snakes. The flame bodies are red turning into red tips with golden lining. Silver gryphons hold the escutcheon at its both sides. From below, the emblem is framed with a semi garland formed of natural-colour Thymus dzevanovskyi entwined with a red-white-red motto ribbon bearing the abbreviated name of the Crimean State Medical University.


The Emblem Symbols

The central figure, the burning torch entwined by the snakes, is one of the first emblems of medicine. The golden colour lays emphasis on the great experience of teachers and doctors of Medical Academy. The blue colour of the escutcheon symbolizes the greatness of medicine as a very old science. The red and golden flame tips symbolize medical students’ aspiration for knowledge. The red elements of the flame tips, being sparks coming off the flame bodies of the torch, symbolize the Academy graduates who take the knowledge acquired at Medical Academy to all parts of the world (five main elements of the emblem correspond in number with the five continents). The silver gryphons holding the escutcheon as the main element of the emblem of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea emphasize the fact that Medical Academy is one of the oldest and outstanding higher schools of the Crimea. The semigarland formed of Thymus dzevanovskyi, Crimean precinctive herb widely used in various spheres of medicine, develops the University theme. The motto ribbon is presented in two major colours of medicine, these of the white coat and the Red Cross.

Authors: Chairman of the Crimean heraldic society “Gryphon” G. B. Efetov, Professor K. A. Efetov, Docent A. V. Yena. Artist: V. V. Sychev.

Hymn of the Medical Academy
Professor K. A. Efetov
The country was rising from ruins and ashes,–
The thirties were hard in the previous age.
We started to fight for man’s life, ever precious,
But then faced the war with its horror and rage.
Through battles, ordeals, through fatigue and despair
We’ve carried intact our love in the heart,
To patients we’ve brought our skill, our care – 
We thank Alma mater for medical art!
We thank Alma Mater, and we keep fidelity
To duties that are the world’s highest humane.
We thank for the knowledge and for the ability
To open new vistas, endeavour and gain!
New states with new borders and anthems appear,
But life goes along its own way day and night.
Now medical training is great in Crimea –
Vivat University’s glory and might!
The union of teachers and students advances,
Safeguarding man’s life with skilled hands and young heart!
God, bless Alma mater with happiest chances,
Vivat Alma mater! We love you! Vivat!

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