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Otorhinolaryngology olympiad

Date and place: on 7th of February 2018 at 16:00, ENT department, Republican hospital N. A. Semashko (Kievskaya 69 str.)

We invite 4, 5, 6 courses russian and english speaking students.

You can registry until 06.02.2018 by phone +7 (978) 7888014 or email assistant of ENT department Stativ Vitaliy

Olympiad theme: "ENT".

Olympiad objectives: engaging students in-depth study of "ENT"; increase the level of theoretical, practical knowledge and skills of students; develop creativity and interest in practical and scientific activities; raising the cultural and educational level of medical students;

The Olympics will have 2 parts:

Part 1: Practical.

1. Exercise "Name an instrument"

Participants will be shown 10 photographs (slides on the screen) with a picture of any tool used in ENT surgery. Within 1 minute, the participant should identify an instrument and write down the answer. If necessary, the instrument can be named by the author, for example: " Killian’s nasal mirror".

2. Exercise "Anterior nasal packing"

The dummy (head) serves as the object of manipulation. Procedure is carried out with classical gauze packing.

3. Exercise "Ear foreign body removal"

Procedure is performed on dummy ear. Instruments are provided.

Part 2: Theoretical.

1. Exercise "What is it? Where is it?"

Participants are consequentially asked 10 questions (the question is displayed on the screen). Within 1 minute, the participants need to determine and write the correct answer in the form.

2. Exercise "I came, I saw, diagnosed"

Participants are shown 10 photographs with ENT organs pathology (on the slides on the screen). Within 1 minute, the participant need to identify the condition and write the answers in the form.

3. Exercise "disease in black and white"

Participants need to describe and make a preliminary diagnosis based on

- CT and / or MRI of the nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, temporal bones;

- Audiogram;

- Tympanogram;

4. Exrecise "Clinical observation" Answers to clinical cases for student course on rhinology, otology, pharyngology, laryngology.

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